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Consolidated protection and reporting, simplifying security and helping you monitor, detect and stop breaches faster.
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Cybersecurity becoming too complex.

Cybersecurity protection is a necessity today and rather good to have. The protection should cover everyone, anytime and anywhere. A typical company has 4 or more disconnected and silo cybersecurity solutions.

With 手机买球App’s integration and services, you can better manage risk and increase security operations productivity by reducing gaps and vulnerabilities between legacy silos.

The Power of ONE

ONE Platform
ONE Consolidation
ONE Management
ONE Protection
ZERO Hassle

ONE Platform

Protection is never been so easy with Security-as-a-service. Plan, manage, track and monitor all your Cloud IT Security Operations on one platform.

手机买球App All in One Cybersecurity for Business
手机买球App All in One Cybersecurity for Business

ONE Consolidation

Multi-cybersecurity solutions are consolidated and streamlined into one standard process; instant quotation, service subscription, installer deployment, refund, and more.

ONE Management

Do away manual and fragmented monitoring and reports. One glass panel to see and manage all your cybersecurity conditions, agents’ status, and integrated reports.

手机买球App All in One Cybersecurity for Business
手机买球App All in One Cybersecurity for Business

ONE Protection

You are on our 24/7 Security Operation Centre’s watch on attack surface discovery, risk analysis, threat mitigation, and response, all by our certified cybersecurity engineers.

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Why 手机买球App

Protecting Your Business Has
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Better Protection

The best of breed cybersecurity solutions and all its matters connected in ONE platform and reduce 80% of manual and disconnected operations.


Armour Never Sleeps

Cybersecurity reports, alerts, event monitoring, threat analysis and incident managements all covered by certified experts with 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre.


Cost Flexibility

One subscription price that comes with service and solution license. Provide you cost flexibility to add or remove users with credit refund that no one else is doing now.

A Game Changer That Will Ease Your Security System

“手机买球App makes cybersecurity protection easy and provides a complete security protection coverage catered specifically to our needs”

Michael Ong, Treasurer of Negeri Sembilan Football Club

“手机买球App is a cloud-delivered Security as a Service (SECaaS) model for outsourcing Cybersecurity services to big and small-medium sized businesses. It comes with benefits outweighing on-premise solutions in ways of upfront costs reduction of security hardware, outsources and simplifying security management and removing the need to employ highly trained and costly security staff.”

Ts Saiful Bakhtiar (CIO50 ASEAN, World CIO 200)

“Among the challenges faced by CIOs are getting the right security product for their organisation, and having the right people with the skill sets to manage it. Having Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS), addresses both of the problems. In addition to having a 24/7 protection, companies can choose from the list of services they want, as easy as marking a check in the checklist”

Eugene Chung, IT Strategist